Acrylic Enamel METALLIQ® 500 g (17.63 Fl Oz) | Made in Europe | TM Kompozit

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Universal weatherproof latex enamel with a decorative metallic effect. Resistant to detergents and disinfectants. For exterior and interior use.


  • With a decorative metallic effect
  • For exterior and interior use
  • Forms a highly elastic weatherproof coating
  • Perfect color and gloss stability
  • Colors of all precious metals and others
  • 12 ready-made colors
  • Fast drying (30 min)
  • Coating resistance up to 10 years


PURPOSE: for painting wooden, mineral, polystyrene, primed metal surfaces, old alkyd and oil enamels indoors and outdoors. It is used for forged products, souvenirs, picture frames, baguettes, monuments; creation of various decorative effects.

SURFACE PREPARATION: thoroughly clean the surface from dirt and dust. Porous and metal surfaces shall be primed beforehand.

APPLICATION: Stir thoroughly before use. If necessary, dilute with water (up to 10%). The colors "silver" and "gold" can be tinted according to the KOMPOZIT® DECO catalog; mix the finished colors with each other in any ratio, as well as with AQUA WOOD Furniture Varnish to obtain a translucent decorative azure. Apply with a synthetic bristle brush, roller or spraying at a temperature from +5 to +30 °C. To obtain decorative effects, apply the enamel with a velor roller and immediately create the desired pattern with chaotic or directed movements of a brush, spatula or any other tool on the wet layer. You can also use a decorative roller, stencil, sponge, and other special tools. Drying time at a temperature of +20 °C and relative humidity of 50% - up to 1 hour, the next coat can be applied in 1 - 2 hours. Surface coverage rate in 1 COAT 6 - 8.5 m2 /kg depending on the surface roughness and application technique.

STORAGE AND SAFETY CONDITIONS: store in a sealed original container at a temperature from +5 to +30 °C, out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight, heating devices and moisture. Wear a respirator when applying by spraying. Clean working tools from enamel residues, do not allow to dry, and rinse thoroughly with water. After drying, dispose of the container and product residues as construction waste.

WARRANTY SHELF LIFE: 36 months from the date of manufacture.