Anti-Corrosion Acrylic Primer For Metal ANTIKOR/Light-Grey (35.27oz)

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Color: Light gray
Packing: 1 kg (33.81 Fl Oz)

Special water-based anticorrosive acrylic primer for metal surfaces. Ensures resistance to moisture, salts, oils and other corrosive factors for a coating system, provides reliable anticorrosive protection. Forms a uniform coating with excellent adhesion to metal, high hardness and good sanding ability, which serve as a stable substrate for subsequent painting. Free from organic solvents and edgy smell.

Recommended uses

The product is intended for priming ferrous and some non-ferrous (galvanized and stainless steel, duralumin, anodized aluminum, copper, brass, bronze) metal surfaces prior to painting by water- or solvent-based enamels. It is used for metal wares, fences, gutters, water-supply and other pipes, metal furniture and doors, working tools etc. outside and inside, especially wet, premises.


Spreading rate, m 2 /kg 7 – 8 (application by roller or brush);
8 – 9 (application by paint sprayer excluding losses).
Thinner Water (up to 10 %).
Application method Apply with a roller, a brush or a paint sprayer.
Use the nozzle 0,017" – 0,021" for airless spraying.
Drying time at +20 °С and 50 % RH 30 – 40 minutes; painting by water-borne enamels is possible in 1 – 2 hours, by solvent-borne enamels in a day. Drying time increases with the decrease of temperature and raise of RH and layer thickness.
Color Light gray, reddish brown. It is possible to make individual batches of other colors upon request
Gloss at 60°, GU 2 (ISO 2813) , dead-matt.
Non-volatile matter by volume, % Approx. 40 (ISO 3233-3).
Density, kg/l 1,37 – 1,40, depending on color (ISO 2811-1).
Corrosion resistance,
ISO 12944-5 (AY type) ISO 12944-6
Protective ability retention of the coating system with a total dry film thickness (DFT) of at least 160 µm (1 layer of Primer for metal ANTIKOR with a DFT of at least 60 µm and 2 layers of Acrylic Enamel PROFI) on abrasive blasted steel in corrosive tests according to ISO 12944-6 for M (7 – 15 years) durability range under C3 corrosivity category conditions and L (up to 7 years) under C4 conditions.
Chemical resistance Resistant to some solvents like gasoline, white spirit, alcohol etc. Withstands action of vegetable oils, lubricating oils and greases.

Store and transport in the original sealed container at the temperature from +5 to +35 °С. Keep away from children, heating and direct sunlight, do not allow freezing.+35 °С. Keep away from children, heating and direct sunlight, do not allow freezing.
Shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Working conditions          

The surface has to be completely dry, durable and at least 3 °C warmer than the dew point. RH below 80 %. The working temperature of substrate, primer, and environment has to be in the range from +5 to +35 °С. It is not recommended to work with hot surfaces (like hot-water radiators and pipes.

Surface preparation         

Thoroughly clean the surface from old exfoliating coatings, traces of oil, dust and other contaminants. If necessary, use paint strippers according to the application instructions The joint between bare and painted areas has to be smoothed by grinding. Solvent Kompozit® is recommended for degreasing. Remove layers of brittle and exfoliated rust and scale using a scraper, metal brush, special nozzles, as well as abrasive blast cleaning, dry ice or another convenient method (the best result is achieved by cleaning to Sa 21/2 grade according to ISO 8501-1). Durable adhered rust layers up to 300 microns, especially in hard-to-reach places, can be conversed by Rust Converter KRAKEN, according to the application instructions. It is recommended to grind the shiny duralumin surface to uniform matt state. For new galvanized steel surfaces outdoors conditioning for at least one season before painting is strongly recommended.


Stir the primer thoroughly before use. If necessary, dilute it with fresh water to the required viscosity (up to 10 %). Apply a uniform layer with the brush, roller or spraying. To obtain a particularly smooth surface, after drying, it can be polish with a thin grinding paper. For finishing water-borne acrylic enamels and decorative paints, as well as solvent-borne alkyd or acryl enamels can be used. Painting is recommended no earlier than stated in technical data period but not later than one week after priming. During this period, it is recommended to protect primed surface from moisture. The primer contains a flash-rust inhibitor; however, on the sharp edges of black metals, welds and insufficiently cleaned areas, appearance of flash- rust dots or streaks is possible. Such dots are aesthetic defects that are masked by following painting and don’t influent on durability and long-time corrosion protection. For such local defect areas additional protective coat is recommended.

Maintenance recommendations

Don’t use as a single finish coating. If it necessary, after the drying is complete, clean the surface using a soft or slightly damp cloth. Using of detergents is not recommended, because of possible deterioration of the finish coating adhesion.

Cleaning of equipment     

Clean wet working tools from residue primer and wash out with lukewarm water before it will dry up. The dry primer can be removed using Solvent Kompozit®.


The primer doesn’t contain organic solvents, is nontoxic and fire-safe.

WARNING. H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Use personal protective clothes and rubber gloves. EUH211: Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist. Use a respirator while spraying.

In case of accidental ingestion seek for medical advice immediately. VOC limit value for this product (cat. WB/i): 140 g/l 

This product contains max 40 g/l VOC.


H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Do not empty into drains, water system or soil. Liquid leftovers are to be disposed according to a local/national regulation. Containers and dry product residues are utilized as a construction waste.