Acrylic Enamel PROFI 0,7 L

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Color: White
Packaging: 700 ml l (23.66 fl oz)

Multi-purpose premium-quality latex enamel with excellent wear and atmospheric re- sistance, block resistance, durable to special cleaning and disinfectant agents. Snow- white and the range of bright saturated colors will not turn yellow or fade with time, under atmospheric conditions or when heated. Contains a flash-rust inhibitor.

Recommended uses

For painting wooden and similar materials (chipboard, OSB, MDF, plasterboard), primed metal surfaces; as well as plaster, concrete, and other mineral surfaces inside and outside buildings. Suitable for restoring old alkyd and oil-based coatings.

Used for painting doors, window frames and sills; children's toys*; furniture, base- boards, fences, moldings, working tools, structures, radiators, pipes and other ele- ments of the heating system; suitable for wallpaper undercoating, some plastic items and other relief, textured elements.

Spreading rate, m 2 /l 10 – 12 depending on the application method, quality, texture and absorbing of the surface.
Thinner Water (up to 10 %).
Application method Apply with a roller, a brush or a paint sprayer, use the nozzle 0,017 – 0,021" for airless spraying.
Drying time at +20 °С and 50 % RH 30 – 40 minutes; putting the next layer is possible in 1 – 2 hours. Drying time increases with the decrease of temperature and raise of RH and layer thickness.
Color White and 9 ready colors: beige, graphite (RAL 7024), yellow, green, brown, red, grey, blue, black; is tinted into wide color range according to Kompozit ® , NCS, and RAL catalogues.
Tinting base AA (white, coefficient 1,0); C (transparent, coefficient 1,0).
Gloss at 60°, GU Glossy: 70 – 85 (depending on the color), (G 1 , gloss, EN 1062-1). Silky-matt: 15 – 20 (G2, mid-sheen, EN 1062-1).
Non-volatile matter by volume NVv, % Approx. 40 (white, beige, yellow), approx. 30 (other colors) (ISO 3233-3).
Density, kg/l 1,20 (white glossy); 1,32 (white silky-matt); 1,02 (base C glossy); 1,09 (base C silky-matt);
1,05 – 1,20 (ready colors glossy, depending on the color).
Dry film thickness <50 µm for 1 layer (E 1 , EN 1062-1).
Grain size <60 µm (fine, S 1 , EN 1062-1).
Liquid water permeability w < 0,1 kg/m 2 h 0,5 (low, W 3 , EN 1062-1).
Designation code G 1 E 1 S 1 V 0 W 3 А 0 C 0 (glossy); G 2 E 1 S 1 V 0 W 3 А 0 C 0 (silky-matt) (EN 1062-1).
Wet scrub resistance Durable to intensive wet cleaning with special non-abrasive cleaning and disinfectant agents;
<5 µm thickness loss after 200 cycles (ISO 11998), class 1 (EN 13300).
Thermal resistance Durable to episodic action of the hot (up to +100 ºС) water, and up to +120 °С of dry heat.
Corrosion resistance, ISO 12944-5 (AY type) ISO 12944-6 Protective ability retention of the coating system with a total dry film thickness (DFT) of at least 160 µm (1 layer of Primer for metal ANTIKOR with a DFT of at least 60 µm and 2 layers of Acrylic Enamel PROFI) on abrasive blasted steel in corrosive tests according to ISO 12944-6 for M (7 – 15 years) durability range under C3 corrosivity category conditions and L (up to 7 years) under C4 conditions.
Solar radiation and atmospheric resistance Perfect, in average 7 years during atmospheric resistance test (ISO 2810).
Storage Store and transport in the original sealed container at the temperature from +5 to +35 °С. Keep away from children, heating and direct sunlight, do not allow freezing. Don`t store in diluted and tinted form; properties of the product may change in incomplete packaging.
Shelf life is 36 months from the date of manufacture.


 Working conditions            

The surface has to be completely dry and durable. RH below 80 %. The working temperature of the surface, enamel and environment is from +5 to +30 °С. Attention: at the temperature above +25°C, the anti-blocking properties are depleted significantly.

Surface preparation            

New surfaces:

Clean the surface thoroughly from dust and any contamination. Impregnate prepared mineral and timber surface with BRILLIANT or (for weak, crumbling or strongly absorbing surfaces) UNI- VERSAL Acrylic Primer. For turned grey wooden surfaces as well as for humid or moldy sites treat with Antifungal agent W2 Kompozit®, then impregnate with UNIVERSAL-BIO Acrylic Primer in accordance with instructions for use. Degrease metal surface with Solvent Kompozit®. It’s possible to paint bare metal surfaces in dry premises without additional protec- tion; in other cases, it’s necessary to protect them first by ANTIKOR, EXPRESS or GF-021 Kompozit® Primer for metal in accordance with instructions for use. Before painting plastic, a preliminary test for wettability (if the water drop retains a ball shape and does not wet the surface, the enamel will not adhere; if it spreads, painting is possible) should be done, but final answer is obtained after a trial painting with a subsequent cross-cut adhesion test (ISO 2409). Surfaces not subject to painting should be covered with protective film.

Painted previously surfaces:

Clean the surface from an old cracked and exfoliating coatings, chalk, dust, degrease it. Flaws and cavities should first be padded with water-resistant acrylic filler. A surface of an old alkyd enamel should first be sanded to a smooth matt state and wiped from a dust thoroughly. Clean metal surfaces from brittle and exfoliated rust and scale. Durable adhered rust layers up to 300 µm, especially in hard-to-reach places, can be conversed by Rust Converter KRAKEN, accord- ing to the application instructions (the best result is achieved by cleaning to Sa 21/2 grade ac- cording to ISO 8501-1). Then treat as new surfaces.


Mix the enamel thoroughly before application; for applying the first layer on absorbing and tex- tured surfaces dilute it with water (up to 10 %) prior to this. Put the enamel by brush, roller or paint sprayer in 2 – 3 uniform smooth layers of such thickness as to exclude the possibility of sagging on a vertical surface. When painting wooden or metal surfaces outdoors, the final total dry film thickness should be at least 120 µm, the optimal protective effect is achieved with a total DFT over 160 µm.

Refinishing: For recoating of Acrylic Enamel PROFI are applicable either the same product or other water- borne acrylic enamels (see "Surface preparation. Painted previously surfaces").

Cleaning of equipment 

Clean wet working tools from residue enamel and wash out with lukewarm water before it will dry up. The traces of dry product can be removed using Solvent Kompozit®.

Maintenance recommendations

The painted surface can be cleansed with soft cloth or sponge using lukewarm solution of a neutral, non-abrasive detergent. Freshly painted surfaces are to be carefully handled up to one month. If it’s necessary to clean the surface earlier, is recommended gentle cleaning with a soft slightly wet cloth.


The product doesn’t contain organic solvents, is nontoxic and fire-safe.

WARNING. H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Use personal protective clothes and rub- ber gloves. EUH211: Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist. Use a respirator while spraying.

In case of accidental ingestion seek for medical advice immediately. VOC limit value for this product (cat. WB/d): 130 g/l

This product contains max 70 g/l VOC

*SAFE FOR TOYS. According to EN 71-3 “Safety of toys - Part 3: Migration of certain elements.


Do not empty into drains, water system or soil. Liquid leftovers are to be disposed according to a local/national regulation. Containers and dry product residues are utilized as a construction waste.